Valuation Services

Valuations and insurance services are an area that we are particularly busy with nowadays and it is a common occurence for items to be under-valued as they haven’t been reassessed for a number of years or indeed overvalued. As you would expect, both come with consequences ie, the inability to replace a lost item if you are under unsured or unecessary costs with higher insurance premiums if your items are overvalued.

Remember, Gold and Diamonds are commodities and heavily influenced by market values and exchange rates and therefore, prices fluctuate. For this reason, we recommend valuations are updated at least every 2 to 3 years.

All valuations are undertaken on our premises by one on our time served jewellers which enables us to provide an efficient and competitive service. You can even combine your valuation with our other services and have your items re-furbished so they look like new at the same time as them being valued. Just ask one of our members of staff for more details.